Business principles

Interested parties and customers have high expectations to our software solutions.  ProNetwork lives up to these expectations. Our customers' satisfaction has always priority for us. Satisfaction, quality and service are inseperably related to each other - ProNetwork uses this for guidance at the daily work.


By the continuous dialogue with our customers and staff members we achieve permanent quality improvement of our products. Their manifold suggestions give us important impulses for the advancement of our software solutions.


Openness and confidence are conducive to gainfully create the collaboration permanently for both sides. The high number of new customers – coming to ProNetwork by character reference – shows that our customers appreciate this way.


Long-range success

ProNetwork strives for long-range success. This is more important than short-term interests of growth and profit.


The company's long-range success can only be accomplished by a fair and cooperative behaviour. However to be successful also means to have financial success. An adequate return assures the stability of our company.


The success of our customers and our company's success accompany and we try to secure this with a competent service and an excellent consulting by our employees. Therefore we only call employees in who know your processes and your line of business. Thereby your optimum success can be assured.



Our employees are an important factor for the success of the company. Their commitment and their skills are supported regularly. The compatibility of career and family is an essential part of the corporate culture.